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Residential Properties

Villa, 20x30

A typical 20×30 contemporary home placed next to each other planned for friends of three located in JP Nagar

Residential Properties

Villa, 30x40

Located in the city of Mysore, the concrete jungle commands for some natural earthly elements, the façade that projects outwards is proposed with red bricks that gradually turns from left to right. The angular windows placed on the façade and a balcony behind lets in sufficient air and light.

Residential Properties

Farmhouse, Kaloor

Transforming architecture vision into an extraordinary structure which responds uniquely to the local landscape, climate and culture, battling the elements to construct a Farm House on a dramatic landscape located few miles north from the city of Madikeri. The House is split across 3 levels, having the living, kitchen and dining opening up to an infinity pool on the lowest level which is overlooked by the rest of the house. Each bedroom on the ground level opens to a yard up front helps the home to breathe fresh air and light.

Residential Properties

Farmhouse, Maragodu

Surrounded by coffee plantation and paddy fields, the house is built in the centre of a 15 acer property. A two story open-plan living and dining area is interrupted by glass covered courtyard which lights up the interior. The kitchen and dining are faced towards the east which commands views across the valley to the mountains beyond.

Residential Properties

Residence, Siddhartha Layout

Designed for a family of four, with a sense of space and privacy on a relatively small plot, sandwiched between two neighbouring buildings on both side, letting very little light and air inside. The large glass facade on the front and side of the house brightens the interior with natural light, the angled plant box placed on the top front of the facade with all glass roof work also allows partial light to flow inside.

Residential Properties

Farmhouse, RT Nagar

The one acre farm land located on the outskirts of Mysore commands view across the plain and to the
hill beyond. This two story home is a fusion of Tuscan and modern architecture designed with open-plan
living and dining with a pool up front which is also accessible from the bed room below. The plantation
on the east having variety of fruit plants makes this holiday home a perfect getaway for the weekend.

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